george Name: George Bennet
Country U.K.
Age 45
Expert in German BundesligaUEFA Champions LeagueUEFA Europe League
Favorite Bookmakers
Win 42
Lose 27
Win% 60%
Profit 17.58%

I am a 45 years old experienced sports punter with fifteen years of expertise in German Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League. I am collaborating with the biggest world sporting forums, where I share my tips and info with other punters and tipsters. I post sporting information, statistics and possibilities.

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I spend hours and hours researching the sports events. I compile huge amount of data that embody statistics, trends, injury reports, weather reports, emotional factors, and exclusive data.  My success is constructed on diligence, discipline, expertise and understanding the idea of statistics and likelihood.

All the tips I post on are tips that I use when I bet.

The tips are based on a heavy research, using statistic algorithms and programs.

I’m active on several sports betting forums and other sports betting websites, where I share my inside info and verify my tips.

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