Here you will find a list of brokers reviews according to what we have used and researched until now. You will find their differences and advantages; but of course, if they are here it is because we believe the worth they have.

Take your time to read the reviews which we’ve written for you and remember – there are many players in this game, so the competition is massive. This could only be a positive thing for you. In this highly competitive industry, brokers have to fight for their customers, enticing them with various bonus offers, better odds, and promotions. We hope our reviews will give you an idea on what things should be taken into consideration while looking for the best broker services and make the process easier for you!

Top Brokers

To help you choose the right broker we have prepared for you 3 essential questions to ask before venturing into the gambling world with your first agent.

• Is your broker regulated?
To say that gambling is a risky affair would be the biggest understatement since “The Big Bang was a fairly big explosion”. When you place your bet, so many factors influence its outcome: your psychological behaviour, the weather conditions, the bookmaker’s odds. Even if you end up winning, your money is still not safe if the agent you use is not fully regulated by a governing and regulating organization. Does the broker guarantee your fund’s safety? For all you know it may go out of business the next day with all your bets and money. That’s why it’s so important to verify the reliability of the agent. Look for institutions such as Gambling Commission (GC), The Financial Service Authority (FSC), The Casino Operators Association (COA), and others, to protect your identity and winnings.

• What are the deposit and withdrawal methods?
Deposits and, especially, withdrawals are the most common things in gamblers’ mind. We all want to press the “withdraw” button as often as possible, but if you don’t do your homework before registering with an agent, you may be in for a horrid surprise. Your country may not accept the payment methods offered by the broker, or the commission fee may be too costly in the long term. Today, there are various deposit and withdrawal methods for agents that range from classic bank transfers to modern e-wallets such as Neteller or Skrill Moneybookers. It shouldn’t be a problem to collect your winnings at any broker, but we advise you to research everything related to money management to be absolutely sure that it will work for you.

• How good and fair are brokers’ odds?
Brokers will never offer you the true odds. If they did, they would go bust. Every bet you make have a certain probability of winning or losing. The flip of a coin has a 50/50 probability of heads and tails. This would be even money bet. If you bet 10 dollars and was paid 10 dollars, you would be paid by the true odds. However, to remain operational and generate profits, brokers and bookmakers offer you lower odds and keep the difference between their odds and the true odds as a commission. This commission is usually expressed in percentages and is called house edge. Look only for brokers with a small house edge. Search for their historical odds data, before taking their odds for granted.

Always read broker’s terms and conditions carefully! We know they tend to be long and boring, but checking them few minutes could prevent you from so many mistakes and troubles.