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Friday, October 12th 2012, 06:00 CET

On the 12th of October, there’s going to take place the a World Cup’s qualifying match between Bulgaria and Denmark is going to take place. I am going to place a bet on this match, even if, judging by the statistics, it appears to be a risky bet. Since 1978, the two teams have met 8 times, and the results are extremely balanced: 3 won matches for Bulgaria, one for Denmark and 4 draws.

In their previous confrontations at WC Qualifying Europe, from 1988, 1989, 2000 and 2001, ended with 2 draws (in 1988 and 2000), and two won matches for Bulgaria, both with the same score (2-0).

Regarding the teams’ previous performances at WC Qualification Europe, both have achieved impressive results. For example, in 2009, Bulgaria defeated Montenegro with 4-1 and almost basically humiliated Georgia in a match which ended 6-2 for Bulgaria. On the other hand, Denmark managed to qualify in the European Championship, where they won the a match against Netherlands on 9.06.2012. Another nice performance achieved demonstrated by the team of Denmark was established took place in 2010, when they won the game against Cameroon, from in the World Cup.

All in all, I think this match is going to be a sheer delight for both teams’ fans. I think it is going to be a very balanced game, this is why I am going to place 5 units on a draw at 3.25. The odds I used are from bet365.

A draw between Bulgaria and Denmark at 3.25

3 comments on “Bulgaria vs. Denmark (Prediction)

  1. Thanks for your predictions, guys! They have been really helpful for me in the last period, as I have used to place a bet daily. On the 16th of October, there are going to be two qualification matches, one between Czech Republic and Malta, and the other one between Italy and Denmark. It would be nice of you to make a prediction from one of those. Thanks and cheers!


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