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Want a really good sports betting tip from SportsBlogTipster? Here it is.

The above link will direct you to a Google Docs file where I keep ALL of my predictions. Right now, there are 4 predictions there that ARE NOT YET ON THE WEBSITE! And the best part is, you can READ those posts!

The doc there is the same as the one under the Statistics tab. It might save you a lot of time if you bookmark it somewhere so you can check it back whenever you want.

Oh, and FYI: I will be tipping you guys on ALL THE WOMEN’S WORLD CUP GAMES!


Partners tribute

Hi hi!

Wow, I haven’t posted here for a while unfortunately. It’s been busy, sure, but no excuse there. Truth is I haven’t bet so often lately. I did place a bet on Nadal to win both Roland Garros matches last weekend, and he did! But other than that, not much. And it’s so sad that all the major leagues are over now. Looking forward to a few international friendlies this summer, and well, tennis! There’s always tennis available!

Over the last couple of days I have been busy building my blogroll, and on the right side you see the result of that. Lots of great bloggers/sports bettors who I follow from time to time. And since I haven’t posted on my blog for such a long time, here are some interesting topics on other partner blogs:

Premier League News writes that Paul Scholes retired from Man Utd after their Champions League final. I remember hearing something about that but I didn’t realize the impact. I’m not much of a Red Devils fan myself, but Scholes is a legend there, dedicating his entire career to the Old Trafford team. Sad to see him go indeed!

Football Streaker reports that since Ancelotti has been sacked from Chelsea, Abramovic may be setting his eyes on Guus Hiddink. Nice arguments there, with a well-explained situation that Chelsea faces, but personally I am not sure Hiddink is the man for the job. A good read though!

target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”StockLemon suggests we invest in Microsoft (MSFT) stock, and not because of the price certainty or foreseeable price increases, but because of dividends, which reach 3% per year. Now that’s smart long-run investment! Combine MSFT with some other dividend-paying stocks in your portfolio and you can relax and not worry about stock prices at all! Great post StockLemon!

Albion Road recently released another great “State of the States” post, which you can read here. Really great stuff for us Europeans to get updated with what’s happening in the US, soccer-wise. Plus, lots of reasons there to look forward to an exciting summer!

Of course, if you have any suggestions of great posts, or if you want to become partners, “hit me up”!

SC Freiburg vs. Bayer Leverkusen (14.05.2011 – recap)


Freiburg SC Freiburg 0 – 1 Bayer Leverkusen Bayer Leverkusen

Saturday, May 14th 2011, 15.30 CET

I didn’t watch the final Bundesliga game between SC Freiburg and Bayer Leverkusen. At least not completely. I would switch channels every once in a while, from the FA Cup Final to this game (let’s face it, I was right to do so 🙂 ). Even with watching only fragments of this game, I can clearly say that this game was more entertaining than Man City’s victory.

In Germany, both teams wanted to end the season with a victory. Bayer Leverkusen wanted it just to secure their second spot in the Bundesliga (which, were not for this victory, they would have lost to Bayern), while Freiburg desperately wanted to finish the season with a victory and please their fans at home. Both teams showed how badly they wanted the victory, and there were tons of opportunities on both sides.

Leverkusen started the game on the attack, and Eren Derdiyok had two good chances to score. First, after only two minutes of play, Derdiyok sent it wide from a good position. 9 minutes later his shot was nicely blocked by Oliver Baumann. The same Baumann made another good save about 10 minutes later, when he blocked Balitsch‘s header.

Then it was Freiburg’s time to shine. The home team had two occasions around the 37th minute. One through Cedric Makiadi, whose shot was deflected by Leverkusen’s goalkeeper, and the second was the wide shot by Papiss Cisse, only meters away from the goal. Unfortunately, Makiadi disappointed his team in the last minute of the first half, when he deflected a ball headed by Balitsch from a Bayer Leverkusen corner into his own net. The home team thus entered half time with a very low morale.

This low morale was seen in the very first minute of the second half, when Freiburg didn’t see Renato Augusto coming. Baumann however kept his team into play with a fantastic save. This gave the home team a morale boost, and in the 67th minute Jan Rosenthal was close to equalizing, but his header hit the post. Towards the end, Leverkusen had a chance to double their advantage in added time, but Baumann was at the right place to block the initiative.

As for my sports betting, I had bet on a Bayer Leverkusen victory, and pretty heavily (4 units). The odds of 1.78 were good enough, and eventually it paid off: I earned 3.12 units out of this 😀 YAY.

Manchester City vs. Stoke (14.05.2011)


Manchester City Manchester City vs. Stoke City Stoke City

Saturday, May 14th 2011, 16.00 CET


Ah, the long-expected FA Cup Final (and the long expected football prediction I was going to make, of course 🙂 ). Altough not at all as appealing as we would expect an FA Cup Final to be, two teams that haven’t won anything in years are battling against this famous british silverware.


Manchester CityManchester City is in great shape, after defeating their arch-rivals Manchester United in the semi-finals 1-0 thanks to a goal from Yaya Toure. That was enough for Mancini’s boys to advance in the prestigious final of the FA Cup. They have been here 8 times before, winning four and losing four. But I am sure every sports bet tipster feels different about this one: ever since the wealthy Sheik Mansour took over the club in 2008, City fans started seeing big names showing up at their stadium, and unheard-of victories happening before their eyes. The 1 billion dollars investment over the years by the sheik is starting to pay dividends.


Fourth in Premier League this season, Man City are already qualified for next season’s Champions League, the first ever in the club’s history. Despite this promissing progress, Manchester City haven’t won any trophy since winning the League Cup in 1976 (over 35 years ago). Plus, as a team traditionally deeply embedded within the local community (having arguably more fans in Manchester than Manchester United), the “recent” take over of the club and its parrading around Europe as marketing for the Sheik has made a lot of fans turn away from their once-loved club.


Manchester City are heading to Wembley as clear favourites, with big names in their team such as Mario Balotelli, Yaya Toure, Carlos Tevez and Edin Dzeko. They have some injuries though, but I’m sure Mancini can easily overcome them:

  • Tevez is doubtful before today’s game. He has a hamstring injury which might put him on the bench today, replaced most probably by Dzeko.
  • Boateng has a knee injury and he’s out at least until May 22nd.
  • Johnson is out with a knee injury as well.
  • Kala Toure is suspended for this game.

Stoke CityStoke City is a real surprise in the FA Cup final this year. I’m sure that not even their most optimist fans would have expected the club to get this far. Apart from being one of the oldest clubs in the UK (148 years of history), they only managed to one just one major award: the League Cup in 1972. But they have had a fantastic run this season: despite being only the 8th team in English Premier League, they can be proud of a 3-1 victory against Arsenal and a 5-0 win against Bolton in the FA Cup Semi-finals.

It is very likely that Stoke will keep the same players on field as in their 5-0 win over Bolton in the semi-finals. Matthew Etherington and Robert Huth are a bit doubtful before the game, but Tony Pulis, Stoke City’s manager is likely to use them nevertheless.

Lots of sports betting tipsters out there are saying that, given the amount of time passed since either one of these clubs won anything, they will each be on the defense. And since both teams are famous for their defensive style of football, they will most probably favour counter-attacks and fight for ball possession. In this case, the soccer bet on U2.5 looks good at 1.70 odds on bwin. But I don’t tend to buy this sports tip, given the teams’ (especially Stoke’s) previous results. I think it’s likely that the game will end somewhere at 2-1 for Man City, so my football prediction is an over 2.5 goals at 2.05 odds on Bwin. And I also suggest a soccer tip for Manchester City to win at 1.75 odds on Bwin. Fingers crossed.

O2.5 goals for 2 units and Man City to win for 2 units


Weekend so close!

I can almost feel the weekend coming 😀 And there are some great matches to look forward to. First of all, closer to home, Eredivisie is hosting its last round of matches. AND, like last season, Ajax and Twente compete for the first place. Again, just like last season, Ajax is just one point behind Twente. It’s going to be a very very very very important event here on Sunday. So, without further ado, here are the matches I want to bet on and make predictions for:


16.00 – Manchester City vs. Stoke (FA Cup final and the game I will be watching)

15.30 – Freiburg vs. Leverkusen (Important game in Budesliga for Leverkusen, but won’t be watching)


14.30 – AJAX AMSTERDAM VS. FC TWENTE (Huge game, WILL watch it!)

21.45 – Napoli vs. Inter Milan (I will probably watch it if I am not too drunk from the Ajax victory party 😀 )

So, lots to look forward to this weekend. Lots of soccer tips coming, football predictions, match analysis and best of all, sports betting winnings!! Stay tuned!

Been busy lately

I’m back posting on my blog again, finally! The past month was a busy one so I couldn’t deliver any football tips or sports predictions. I’ve just finished exams last week, and took the weekend off to go to the beach in southern Holland. Lovely!  Now I’m back in Utrecht and ready to make some more money from sports bets.

The coming weekend is a crazy period in the Netherlands. Queensday is this Saturday, and though the birthday of the mother of the queen doesn’t sound like a big thing, it’s huuge here in NL. Here’s a short stand-up about it 🙂

I’m not sure I’ll be doing much drinking though. I have to catch up with some work and make a planning for the coming month. But I’ll stop by in Amsterdam for the evening. IF it’s not going to rain. And let me tell you something: it’s easier to bet on football than predict the weather here. Oh well, I’ll keep this blog up to date as to how it was. Cheers!

Blog is officially open!

After working all day on the gadgets and “decoding” WordPress, I finally came up with the final version of my blog: what you see now! I really hope this weekend’s games will add some colour (hopefully green) to this blog. So, please check the Betting schedule, I’ve written there the matches I’ll be betting on this weekend.

I’d be happy to get some feedback of my activity and comments on the games. Feel free to leave comments!