European Football Leagues

The debate about the best European league is a battle going on since forever, and depending on numerous criteria, the winner is always different. One could say that nobody can beat the Bundesliga in terms of attendance, financial independence, and production of homegrown players. According to some sources, La Liga has the most spectacular football to watch; Premier League attracts foreign investors; Serie A’s peculiarity is the defensive sense of style, while Ligue 1 has the best foreign players. Hereby you have an overview of these five leagues, and after that you can decide for yourself which one is the best.

Biggest European Foootball Leagues

  • English Premier League
  • German Bundesliga
  • Spanish La Liga
  • Italian Serie A
  • French Ligue 1

English Premier League is sponsored by Barclays Bank and among the English supporters it is known as Barclays Premier League. Its most well-known teams are Chelsea FC, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal FC. The League received some heavy criticism a few years ago, as the “Big Four” dominated the football arena, with Manchester never finishing out of the top three of the table. Soon the “Big Four” transformed into “Big Two” with only Manchester and Chelsea splitting all League trophies between them.

German Fussball Bundesliga or more commonly known as Bundesliga, is Germany’s number one professional football championship. While Bayern Munich is considered to be Bundesliga’s power name, such clubs as Borussia Dortmund, Werder Bremen, Suttgart or Shalke 04, managed to get their name out there in the open in Champions League or even Europa League games.

Spain’s La Liga is considered to be the one that offers the highest quality football in the world. With its top teams, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, you would still find people to argue with that La Liga manages to provide highly entertaining football. Sure, you might be put off by the dominance of only two teams, but if you look closely you would see that underdogs are always ready to make a claim on top spots on the table.

Serie A is the name of the championship in Italy and since its founding in 1930, it brought the world four of their most famous clubs: Juventus, Milan, Roma, and Internazionale. Teams have been criticized for having a really defensive approach and thus having a high number of injured players at all times. This could be said about the other leagues too, but Serie A cannot be put down, as it offers some really entertaining games and noteworthy records.

Ligue 1 comprises football clubs from both France and Monaco, and even though it might not be as high profile as the others, it’s among the most stable in the world. One interesting fact is that its most profitable teams are PSG, Marseille, and Lyon, and their peculiarity is that they almost always manage to turn ball possession into goals, and we know goals equal points, and points equal competitiveness, which converts into great opportunities for placing profitable bets, as there is no such thing as an easy match.

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