• Why should I trust the tips on SportsBlogTipster.com?
    Anyone can check at any time the bet Statistics, and see that we have a Yield: of +68.39%.
  • Does the SportsBlogTipster.com team bet on the soccer predictions featured on the blog?
    Yes, we wager on all the soccer predictions featured on the blog.
  • Why does SportsBlogTipster.com offer football tips for free?
    We have set up this blog so we can connect with other punters and share opinions and, at the same time, we can create a sports betting community.
  • Which are the best online bookies today?
    You can check out the best bookmakers for betting accounts in our “Top Bookmakers” section of our website and you will find a frequently updated list of the best online sports bookmakers.
  • Do you recommend using a broker?
    Yes, we do. You can find reviews of the most popular and the best brokers for betting accounts in the “Brokers” section on our website and you will find a frequently updated list and choose the best for you.
  • Which is the best betting software?
    We definitely recommend VIP-IBC by BET-IBC. It is the best betting software for multiple bookmakers with the highest limits and the best odds.
  • How can I upload funds to my Bookmaker account fast and secure?
    You can check out the e-wallets section in order to learn the safest ways to fund your betting account and you will find a frequently updated list of the online payments methods preferred by the online bookmakers, so as the most popular ones.
  • Can anyone share tips on SportBlogTipsters.com?
    Yes, if you have soccer or tennis tips and you want to share them with everyone, please Contact us and we will publish your tips.
  • Why are sports tips useful?
    They give players a different perspective of an event provided by experts in betting. Tips are conceived to analyse all the conditions of an event in order to forsee its outcome.
  • Which are the best leagues to bet on?
    European leagues are the main leagues in the world and you can check out the European Leagues hard facts in our section of our website to find a detailed information about them.
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