Manchester United Manchester United FC vs. Chelsea FC Chelsea

Sunday, May 8th 2011, 16.00 CET


I have to admit, I haven’t been able to watch too much of the English Premier League lately, but this clash is something I can’t miss! The English Premier League’s top two teams fight for glory tomorrow (too bad they start so early, I heard the weather would be perfect in Utrecht both today and tomorrow). And with three games left in the English Premier League, Chelsea will fight hard to reduce Man Utd’s advantage.


Manchester UnitedManchester United FC (or Man Utd or Man U if you will, I just like being formal) looks like a team who has it all: their first in the English Premier League, 6 points ahead of Chelsea FC (although the latter has one game fewer), and qualified for the Champions League final, where they’ll meet Guardiola’s Barcelona. Great run this season for the Red Devils! But now, at the end of it, is their chance to be somebody or nobody. The clash with Chelsea is Man U ‘s last big match in the English Premier League this season, and a win here will definitely guarantee the title to Sir Alex Ferguson’s gang.


Let’s look at the squad of Manchester United : They just won their last game against Schalke 04 in the Champions League semi-finals. And not just any score, it was 4-1!! Great game from what I’ve seen in the replays (was at the seaside at that time), and a very solid-looking squad for Man U. I was glad to hear Wayne Rooney was confirmed by Ferguson in the team, as well as Patrice Evra. Rooney was injured last week, and could not make it in the Champions League semi-final. As for Evra, he was introduced in the second half, but got injured late in the game and nearly convinced Alex Ferguson to replace him.


Chelsea FC, on the other hand, is really feeling the pressure. This is their last big game in the English Premier League too, and it’s just against the team they want to surpass in the schedule. That’s going to be tough, since there are only 3 games left, and 6 points of difference among the two teams. Mathematically, you would think there is still a chance, with Chelsea FC winning at least 2 times and Manchester United losing all 3. BUT, if Chelsea loses now, Manchester United wins the title. And that’s certainly not what Lampard and his team would allow.


Chelsea comes after five wins in a row in the English Premier League. Their last two defeats were… you got it: against Manchester United. In the Champions League quarter finals. First Chelsea lost at home 0-1 to Manchester United, and then on Old Trafford they lost 2-1. And now Chelsea are definitely going for a win to make up for the shameful loss in the Champions League. This is really going to be intense, as Chelsea has its best players available for the big game, and they certainly have the right morale to win this.


A soccer prediction here is difficult. The English Premier League hasn’t been my cash cow this season, so my football tips here will tend to be more abstract. No one could predict that Manchester United will just ignore this game and focus on the final against Barcelona. In fact, this game must be their major concern this season! And I see the Devils fighting hard, especially since they play at home. My final prediction is a 2 units bet on Manchester United at 2.30 on Bwin. Fingers crossed for my football prediction!


Manchester United to win for 2 units.


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