Asian Handicap

Handicap Betting is of great interest to avid bettors, who are already established in their wagering careers. This betting type is mostly favored by experienced punters because it’s more complex than all the other types, and novice bettors often don’t get the idea at the beginning.

You should know that Asian handicap may work for or against you as a bettor, so in order to succeed in this particular arena you need to have a deep understanding of what you’re doing.

So, let’s give an explicit definition to this notion first. The basic concept is quite simple: bookies try to equalize the chances for success of either teams or players by means of adding or subtracting a certain number of points to and from the competitors.

Asian Handicap is an increasingly popular form of betting within the best Asian bookmakers. It is worth noting that you might come across this notion under several different names: Points Betting, Line Betting, Spread Betting, or simply Handicap Betting. However, in all these cases the essence is just the same: the bookmakers even the chances between the favorite and the underdog. This form of betting is available only in case of sporting events that earn points, such as tennis, football, basketball, or rugby. It may come as a surprise, but Asian handicap betting is also seen in horse racing events.

As a matter of fact, handicap betting requires keenness of wit. For instance, if the handicap adds 2 to Italy’s score, then it’s obvious that Italy are underdogs and they are given a head start. Having such a considerable advantage, the team has more chances for winning or at least ending the game in a draw. If you want to bet on their competitor, let’s say it’s Germany, then it’s clear that Germany will have to win by more than two goals.

Asian handicap betting is another version of handicapping. It’s a treat for punters, because it excludes one of the possible outcomes of a match. It is applied mostly in the case of soccer. In an ordinary match you’ll have a winner, looser or possibly a draw, while in case of Asian handicap betting draw is no longer available. On the contrary, this form of betting adds goals in order to eliminate the possibility of a draw.

Asian Handicap originates from the Far East, but nowadays it is extremely popular, particularly in the case of American football. Millions of bettors from all over the world bet on American football handicaps throughout college and NFL football seasons at the best betting platform for multiple bookmakers.

Let’s imagine that this week Team A and Team B are playing. The bookies have made the first team a 1.5 favorite. So, what do you think it means? Basically, it means that if you place a handicap bet on Team A, they will have to win by 2 points or more, so your bet could bring you profit. If you bet on the second team (Team B), they can either win or lose by one point.

You will often see it indicated in the following way: Team A -1.5 vs. Team B +1.5. You might find it confusing at first, but eventually you’ll figure out how to use Asian Handicap to your favor.

The general formula is very simple: if you bet on the favorites, you subtract the points from their final score (in our example it’s -1.5); if you bet on the underdogs it goes vice versa – you simply add the stated points to their final score (in our example it’s +1.5).

Handicap betting owes its popularity to the fact that it adds variety to the punters’ wagering possibilities and an additional thrill. Be sure to read several “handicap betting explained” articles before you start using this option, but you can also count on an Asian Handicap calculator to ease your life a little!


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