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It’s hard to say how many bookmakers there are in the gambling industry, but there are thousands of them for sure. Novice bettors usually get dizzy with the extensive diversity and don’t know which bookie to choose. However, the sharks of the gambling circles quickly realized that they can take advantage of the situation. So, they create multiple bookmaker accounts! One of the best betting agents for multiple bookmakers is BET-IBC.

There are lots of bookmakers which offer their services to gamblers from all around the world. The competition is striking and yet they have found a way to motivate gamblers to return and use their service by means of the system of incentives, of course. These are attractive bonuses and various types of free bets, which are available for the people who create accounts at the bookies’ sites.

Experienced punters quickly figured out that there is no point in sticking to one single bookmaker, that’s why they have a tendency of creating multiple bookie accounts.

The truth is that all the bookmakers offer more or less the same services, but there might be certain differences that wouldn’t suit you. These differences may include customer service, live betting options, and, of course, the number of sports betting markets.

Probably the last point is the most important because you may prefer to bet on one particular league and such an option won’t be available at your usual bookie. Then it would be quite reasonable to open an account with another bookmaker. The same rule applies if you don’t like the website’s navigation process, or if the odds are not that attractive. While looking for another bookmaker to sign up at, don’t pay attention to the short-term bonuses. On the contrary, you should only consider the long-term bonuses you will be able to take advantage of.


All in all, there are several reasons for creating multiple bookmaker accounts. The most appealing and rewarding of them is because of the welcome bonuses. It’s natural that bookies have to try very hard to attract more customers as well as make the existing ones use only their service. The competition between the bookmakers grows stiffer and stiffer, but you can and should take advantage of that situation. Once you decide to sign up with a new bookie, you’ll be offered various types of free bets and bonuses. But before doing that, experienced punters prefer to look for the most attractive offers.

Obviously, flexibility also appears to be quite an important reason to sign up at several gambling operators. Once you have at least two accounts, you won’t have to compromise for the limited services of one of them, and use another one instead. What about having offers side-by-side? It’s possible in VIP-IBC, the best betting software for multiple bookmakers

When it comes to winning streaks, multiple bookmaker accounts can come in handy. The fact is that bookmakers don’t want you to win in the long run. That’s quite natural because they are firstly concerned with their own profit. It is worth noting that some of the bookmakers have special clauses that allow them to close or at least limit your account if you start winning to a great extent. It appears that you have two options in this case: it’s reasonable to start losing from time to time or continue betting by means of another less suspicious bookie.

The same situation might happen if everything’s reversed. In case you’re losing out, your bookies might as well close your account without any notifications. You’d better check this point in the terms & conditions section. This is usually done to protect their business from experienced professional punters. Due to the fact that you won’t be able to win each and every bet, it would be reasonable to spread your profits among all of your profiles.

You can check out hard facts of the best betting agents and choose what suits you better.

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