This Saturday the two Manchesters will play against each other in England. These two teams are at the top of standings, where Manchester occupies the first place with 84 points and Manchester United the second place with 68 points. Anything can happen, and odds are changing all the time, so better to see odds side by side so we can choose better.

Let’s see now their performance:

Everybody is waiting for this match, since we will see the two more important teams in Manchester, and two of the biggest teams in Europe facing each other. Manchester City is almost the winner of Championship this year. They only lost one game out of 31 matches played, which shows that this squad is really hard to defeat. In the 31 games played in the competition, they have got 88 goals in favour and 21 against, 27 victories, 3 draws and 1 defeat.

Regarding Manchester United, they are having a very good time now. They are expected to give their all, and we believe they may have some chances, since the citizens are expected to play with some reserve players, in order to preserve their best ones for the Champions League match next week. In the 31 games played this season, they have got 60 goals in favour and 23 against, 21 victories, 5 draws and 5 defeats.

Predicting a winner s hard this time, so based on the average of goals they have and considering that maybe the citizens will play with reserve players we consider the best option to bet is over 2.5 goals. That’s why we will go for. This time I think I will bet on VIP, which for me is the platform with the best odds .

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