AS Cesena AC Cesena 2 – 2 Juventus FC Juventus

Saturday, March 12th 2011, 20.45 CET


This was the best match of the weekend! I would have expected this title to go to Roma vs Lazio, but that was not the case, unfortunately. The match between Cesena and Juventus however, perfectly encompassed the italian warrior spirit and drama of Serie A as a whole. It wasn’t financially rewarding though: I just won 1 out of the two bets I had for this game and overall lost 0.7 units. But I really enjoyed watching it! Here are some highlights I found on youtube. Quality is not the best, but it’s certainly worth watching:



So, what happened? Juventus was the team to early dominate the game, and they even put the ball in the net in the ninth minute through La Vecchia Donna’s January signing, Alessandro Matri. However, it was correctly ruled out as offside. But the youngster wouldn’t give up, and 10 minutes later, 19 minutes into the game he stretches AC Cesena’s goalkeeper and scores from a pass from del Piero. Matri’s magic wouldn’t stop here, but after the goal, Cesena quickly went on the attack.


Cesena’s Emanuele Giacchierini was beautifully put forward, and his shot went past Buffon but hit the far post. The rebound however saw Giacchierini alone with an empty net a couple of meters away. Amazingly though, Cesena’s star shot the ball wide past the goal. It would prove fatal, since minutes later, in the 35th minute of the game, Matri sends a perfect goal to del Piero in the penalty area, which the latter volleys against the post. Matri followed the ball well and on the rebound he beautifully found the net! Juventus had scored 2 goals, after 4 goal-less games!


The score would not stay 2-0 until the break time, though. At Marco Parolo‘s intrusion in Juventus’ penalty area, Buffon fouls, gets the yellow card and Cesena gets a penalty kick. It was an easy task for Luis Jimenez, who brought the score to 2-1. Things went worse for Juve: because of a high foot at Giacchierini, Marco Motta sees his second yellow card and is sent out. The teams went to the dressing rooms with a score of 2-1.


The second half was for the most part dominated by Cesena, profiting from their one man advantage. Worse yet, Del Neri replaced del Piero in the 66th minute: this was booed by the crowds, after the coach also removed Krasic at half time. Not a good move at all, and he should know better, since he did this against AC Milan (read here), with terrible consequences.


The equalizer came late into the game, in the 81st minute following a low shot by Parolo. Cesena had several important occasions before this, but Juventus’ defense proved too strong for them. In this match, I had bet 3 units on Juventus, which I lost, and 2 units on over 2.5 goals scored, which paid off. So -3 + 2.3… that leaves me with a loss of 0.7 units and with Del Neri almost certainly sacked.


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