ADO Den Haag ADO Den Haag 5 – 1 NEC NijmegenNEC Nijmegen

Saturday, March 5th 2011, 19.45 CET

A really enjoyable match! 3 of the 6 goals were scored in the first half, and what a half that was! I’m also glad my bet paid off. In the pre-game analysis here, I stated I would bet over 3.5 with 3 units: that brought me 4.65 units!

The game had a wild start: in the 16th minute, Lex Immers of ADO opens the score, only for NEC to get back in the game 2 minutes later with an equalizer by THE Björn Vleminckx, who took advantage of the fact that Christian Kum was out for the hosts and played around with ADO’s defense. The 1-1 score didn’t last until the 28th minute, when ADO Den Haag’s Dmitri Bulykin scored from a penalty due to the foul of Nathaniel Will (yellow carded).

The first half started incredibly well for the hosts: ADO managed to score in the 49th minute through a great action of Wesley Verhoek and 3 minutes after that, through Jens Toornstra. The team from Nijmegen never made it back into the game, and towards the end, frustration arose and so did tension: Niki Zimling from NEC was given a red card in the 87th minute, and ADO took advantage of their one extra man and scored again in the added time through Jordi Brouwer!

All in all it was a great game, and I am really glad I watched it (and won the bet, of course 🙂 ).

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