DS-Arsenal Arsenal vs. Chelsea DS-Chelsea

Monday, December 23 2013, 21:00 CET

A pretty even game between the two sides that needed victory in order to avoid Liverpool getting the first spot even if just for a few days. What really happened was that Arsene Wenger still couldn’t beat Jose Mourinho in over 10 Premier League matches. It was a dull match through and through, fans from both sides found it rather boring, social media last night was all about the referee and his very poor decisions.

The game was mostly played in the midfield, the ball possession percentage was fairly even, but on the field it looked like a combat. Arteta was the one being most fouled, first by Mikel and then by Ramires, who by some miracle got a yellow card. Then it was Ivanovic against Ozil, and it ended with Rosicky getting booked because he repeatedly fouled and each time more and more dangerously.

Some hail Fernando Torres as the man of the match, others lean towards John Terry, and not one Arsenal player even went into consideration. Even though Gibbs had a perfect combination of passes with Rosicky who handed a perfect shot to Giroud, it still ended in a goalless draw.


Even David Luiz who came from the bench for Fernando Torres could not do much; although it was clear from the start they were set for attack and not walking away with a draw. Tipsters agree on the fact that it was mainly the misunderstanding between the midfielders and the attacking force at Chelsea that kept them from scoring. If Willian’s pass would have gone to Torres instead of Hazard it would have been at least 1-0.

The bet we placed on Arsenal to win was lost, and now the Premier League table is a really interesting affair to observe, you have Liverpool on the first spot at the level of points with Arsenal and two more than Chelsea.

Result: bet lost

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