AS Roma was dead set to bring a brilliant performance that would keep them after Juventus; goals were meant to be scored, maybe even on both sides. Yet the match on Stadio Olimpico was suspended after just several minutes of play, nine to be exact, and is not set to be played today or the day after.


Andrea de Marco first suspended the game for 30 minutes, but upon a closer pitch inspection took the decision to abandon the match at the 0-0 score displayed on the table. No date has been set yet, though rumors place it somewhere in April, but it is highly unlikely it is going to be this week seeing as Roma is set to play against Napoli on Wednesday in Coppa Italia.

The match is set to restart from the 8th minute and 20 seconds, declared for Roma’s TV Channel AS Roma’s director Baldissoni, who also stressed the fact that while a date is yet to be set, it won’t be in the immediate future as the stadium needs to be ready for Italy’s home matches in the Rugby Tournament.

heavy rain in rome

Among the good news is the fact that the tickets purchased for yesterday, including press accreditation will be valid for whichever date it will be replayed on, and if someone decides to get a refund and not attend the match, the club will allow it, if you return the ticket from the place where you bought it in the first place.

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