AS Roma AS Roma 2 – 0 SS Lazio Lazio

Sunday, March 13th 2011, 15.00 CET

I bet twice on this game and lost both bets. In total I lost 5 units. That sucks! In this post, where I made my soccer prediction and gave some betting tips, I anticipated both teams to score (hence betting 3 units), and I thought it will be a tight game ending in a draw (hence betting 2 units). In the end, I lost 25 euro, or 5 units alltogether!

So what went wrong with my tips for football yesterday night? Well, for one thing, I grossly underestimated Roma’s captain, Francesco Totti. The man was the star of the game, and he undoubtedly proved he’s still worthy of his former glory. His efforts in the second half were a great relief for AS Roma’s new coach, Vincenzo Montella, the guy replacing Claudio Ranieri last month.

Montella would later comment on Totti’s game the following: “When he plays, there are people who don’t want him to play, whereas when he doesn’t play, they would want him to play.” And despite his team scored both goals in the second half, Montella went on saying that “We have produced a better performance in the first half of the match compared to the second half, as far as the game is concerned.” Ok, have it your way man.

Amids the tension of this Roman derby, Totti settled the score late in the game, in the 70th minute, with a final blow in the last minute of the game. Honestly, I wouldn’t have expected Lazio to get back into the game after Totti’s first goal. They seemed uncoordinated and unable to handle stress. Which gave AS Roma an advantage: they had a clearer middle play and were more relaxed (as relaxed as you can get in the heat of the most important game in the Old City, but there you have it). I recommend you check out the extensive analysis in the following youtube video:

In the end, Lazio snapped and couldn’t focus anymore. They even awarded Roma a penalty in the last minute, which Totti turned into a goal. Not the best game to watch, IMO. A lot of drama (especially in the last minutes), pretty uncoordinated play and plenty of incidents in the crowds. Oh well, there goes my money…

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