Atletico Madrid produced one of the greatest upsets in Champions League history by eliminating FC Barcelona. We lost the bet placed with bet365 on the second half with most goals, as the match ended with only one and it was in the first half.


Barcelona kept on complaining after the match that they did not deserve to lose. Therefore one stops and thinks what a team with two of the biggest stars at the moment expected when their talismans didn’t shine. Messi barely managed to run more than Pinto, and thankfully Neymar didn’t ask for imaginary penalties that much.

Koke scored the only goal of the match on the 5th minute, and afterwards Barca launched some dangerous attacks, but Courtois was always there to clear them. Neymar even managed to pass to Alexis Sanchez, but his shot flew wide off the post. Atletico could have made it way worse for Barcelona closer to the end of the match, but Pinto managed to remember he is actually supposed to clear the dangerous shots and denied Rodriguez a goal.

Atletico qualified for the Champions League semifinals for the first time in 40 years, and rightfully so, as they were the better team of the two. As Diego Simeone stated after the match, sometimes the best team doesn’t win, but those who really work for it do. It remains to be seen whom will Atletico get in the next round, because if they play against Chelsea, they will have to do so without Courtois, which could put a serious dent to their already great season.

Result: -8 units, bet lost

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