I’m back posting on my blog again, finally! The past month was a busy one so I couldn’t deliver any football tips or sports predictions. I’ve just finished exams last week, and took the weekend off to go to the beach in southern Holland. Lovely!  Now I’m back in Utrecht and ready to make some more money from sports bets.

The coming weekend is a crazy period in the Netherlands. Queensday is this Saturday, and though the birthday of the mother of the queen doesn’t sound like a big thing, it’s huuge here in NL. Here’s a short stand-up about it 🙂

I’m not sure I’ll be doing much drinking though. I have to catch up with some work and make a planning for the coming month. But I’ll stop by in Amsterdam for the evening. IF it’s not going to rain. And let me tell you something: it’s easier to bet on football than predict the weather here. Oh well, I’ll keep this blog up to date as to how it was. Cheers!

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