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Friday, October 12th 2012, 06:00 CET

On 12th October, in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, Denmark played against the national team of Bulgaria for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualification. Although the match had its tense points due to the continuous battle between the two teams’ supporters, the match ended up with a tie.Both teams managed to score 1 goal, indicating that I have won the bet I made.

The first goal was brought by the bulgarian team by number 8 , Rangelov, in the seventh minute of the first half. But the bulgarians could not enjoy their victory for long, with Denmark pushing to score and in finally scoring a goal (Bendter in minute fourty). After the break both teams pushed hard into defence but also into offensive. As a result of their hard work the match ended with a draw. Denmark remains unbeaten and is going to play with Italy in Milan. The bulgarian team resisted heroicly to the constant pressures of the Danes in a team with just 10 players, after Bandalovki was dismissed. Christian Eriksen, Denmark’s player, was to scoring twice and bringing the victory to the visitors, but the bulgarians managed to keep their guard up.

Result: +11.25 units, bet won

3 comments on “Bulgaria vs. Denmark (Recap)

  1. Impressive prediction and impressive result! Unfortunately, I didn’t bet on this match because it envolved a high level of risk. But next time I will and I’ll take into account your amazing analysis. well done!

  2. Congrats for your prediction! I would have rather bet on a Denmark’s victory..but I didn’t for the same reason: the risks were too high..and now I’m glad I didn’t. Congrats again and nice work u do here!


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