The Champions League last 16 draw that took place just mere hours ago opened the stage for some interesting duels, and in our case, matches where our tips and predictions should work like a charm. Come February, Manchester City will get to test their nickname of being the destroyer of great teams. They beat Bayern Munich in the last group stage match and in Premier League they destroyed Arsenal London. This round they will face FC Barcelona, and early predictions have this clash as a very leveled one.


Manchester United, whose qualification accounted for as a miracle managed to top the group, will face Olympiakos, and is expected to either crash, burn or prove that they snapped out of whatever losing spell they were under. As wished by Chelsea’s boss Jose Mourinho, his side will face Galatasaray Istanbul and meet their former colleague Didier Drogba. All Chelsea players hit the social network to tweet about being happy to see their former “brother in arms”. Early odds say goals will be scored and the winning one might again be in the last minute.

AC Milan was drawn against Atletico Madrid and Umberto Gandini stated that all his side hopes before February is to have the full squad at their disposal, seeing as the group stage Milan was plagued by injuries. Bayer Leverkusen vs. PSG, and Shalke vs. Real Madrid are other clashes where German teams will have to face serious tests should they advance further and prove that Bundesliga is more than one team.

Last year’s runner-ups, Borussia Dortmund, who snatched the top spot at the last minute, will face Zenit, and as Dortmund’s sporting director pointed out, the one thing that could hinder their chances is the team itself and the long trip they’ll have to make, but if they prevailed against Shakhtar Donetsk they can do so against Zenit as well.

The title holders, Bayern Munich were again drawn with Arsenal London, and the English press is already pointing out to last year’s win at Allianz Arena and the subsequent crash they had when Bayern managed to qualify on away goals. Statistics point out that if Schweinsteiger and Robben are to be back in the team, odds are Bayern goes through by winning both legs.. One of the most interesting duels will be between Phillip Lahm and Mesut Ozil, because even though his work in the defense is brilliant, Guardiola moved him to the midfield, where Ozil is commanding in both the national team and at Arsenal.

Our team will be back with more info and statistics as soon as more details emerge, but so far it looks it will either be Premier League domination in the quarterfinals or a Bundesliga one.

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