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Saturday, September 22nd 2012, 13:45 CET

Dinamo Moscow won the match against Amkar Perm’ and the score was 3-2. This means that I lost one of the bets I placed, more exactly the handicap bet. I bet Dinamo Moscow to win with Handicap -1 for 3 units. On the other hand, I won my other bet, because there were more over 2.5 goals scored in this match.

The shameful position in Russia’s rankings forced Dan Petrescu’s players to fight for victory. Amkar’s goal opened the scoring through Jakubko, but guests’ advantage only lasted for five minutes. Jantscher drew a pass from Kuranyi and two minutes after the balance was reestablished,From that point, Amkar Perm’ totally lost their balance. The goal which brought the victory to Dinamo Moscow was scored in the 78th minute, when Kevin Kuranyi took advantage of an excellent pass sent by Dzsudzsak.

That was the goal which unleashed Dan Petrescu’s players and increased Moscow’s chances to win the match. Breznanik reduced the difference by scoring in the last minute of the overtime.

With this victory, Dinamo Moscow collects 6 points and reaches the 14th place in the ranking, escaping from the last one. Still, they are 3 points away from the red zone.

Result: -3 units, bet lost ; +3.3 units, bet won

3 comments on “Dinamo Moscow vs. Amkar Perm' (Recap)

  1. I truly believe so…after the nightmare from Tuesday night, when the supporters made a protest,lightened torches and yelled “Don’t dirty Dinamo’s name” :))))


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