FC Augsburg vs. FSV Mainz

Sunday, February 10th 2013, 15:30 CET

The match that took place between the German football teams Augsburg and FSV Mainz ended in draw, meaning that I lost the bet I made on Mainz’s victory. After all, it appeared that Adam Szalai’s twelfth goal of the season wasn’t enough for FSV Mainz, since the team was forced to settle for a single point in an action-packed encounter at FC Augsburg’s SGL Arena. This way, Augsburg managed to remain unbeaten in 2013.

The tenacious approach of both teams made for an exciting start to the match, with Mainz making use of the returning Szalai. At some point of the match, Manninger allowed the determined Hungarian to hook a teasing ball back across goal, but with the Augsburg goal unguarded, Mainz remained unable to fructify their chance. After that, the home side had to thank the linesman for not falling behind when Parker stroked from an offside position.

While Mainz were hardly allowed out of their own half, a defensive display gave Thomas Tuchel‘s players hope. That was the point when Mainz managed their first effort on goal since taking the lead, and it was in the 43rd minute. However, it didn’t take too long before Augsburg were back on the offensive through Tobias Werner, who stung the palms of Wetklo and scored their first goal in the 57th minute, with the help of the striker Sascha Mölders.

All in all, this Bundesliga match proved to be all about balance, against all odds.

Result:-5 units, bet lost

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