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Tuesday, August 23rd 2012, 4:30 CET

FC Barcelona won the Spain Super Cup! They defeated a quite strong Real Madrid’s team and the final result was 3-2. It was not exactly the score I predicted (2-1 Barca’s victory), but regardless, I won the bet. FC Barcelona had scored one goal more than Real Madrid, and I was right about that…but if I had placed a special bet on the total number of goals, I would have definitely lost it.

It seems that the absence of the ex-manager Pep Guardiola was not an impediment for Barca to win this superb final. The actual leader of the team, Tito Vilanova managed the problems very well, too. He stood still in front of such an overwhelming challenge, and in the future, his results might be even better than Guardiola’s.

The whole match was impressive and both parties fought until the end. Barcelona dominated the match though, using their famous “Tiki-taka” style. The defense of Real Madrid was astonishing though, characterized by an incisive speed and power on the break.

The decisive goal was scored by Iniesta, after the quickfire equaliser made by Javier Maschero in the 55th minute. Moreover, Iniesta’s goal  was considered to be the move of the night.

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