The Champions of La Liga will host the match opposing them to Villarreal this Wednesday 09th may 2018. The Camp Nou stadium will serve as a demonstration area for Barcelone who generally does not lost matches home. Occupying the first position of the Spanish championship with 87 points, Barcelona has won 3 matches out of its 5 last matches with 2 draws. On the other hand, Villarreal won 3 of its 5 matches, lost 1 and made a draw. Villarreal is classified at the 6th position with 57 points, a clear difference of 30 points. Thus, the recommended strategy is to see odds side by side to double your gains.

Let’s see now the form of these two:

The hosting team is FC Barcelona who are barely invincible these days. Their players are at the top of their form and their playing strategy is clearly effective. The team formation is mainly practical with Messi, Suarez and Dembele, players to watch.

Villarreal on its side is quite good at attacks and defence. Their striking force is impressing and their rapidity in scoring goals is surprising with outstanding players like Bacca, Bakambu. Generally they perform better at home. Like FC Barcelona, they nearly loss no match at home.

With all this, the favourite team is FC Barcelona. They are dominant at many levels : they play at home, they are the champions, their formation is practical and up till now outlay good results. Check the the best odds in VIP-IBC.

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