Now that the Wimbledon 2011 edition is over (Djokovic won by the way), and there’s no REAL tennis anytime soon (except maybe the Davis Cup quarter finals on July 8th), you might want to check out the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011! I’ve been watching some games, and it’s really exciting to see how women sometimes can impress more than men in a men’s game.

The football tournament began on 26th June and it will last until 17th July 2011. So you’re pretty much covered for the next half a month! And don’t underestimate women playing football: though their dribbling or “show-off” skills are not always those of Ronaldinho or Messi, they have this impressive efficiency in choosing the most feasible way out of each situation and turning it into their advantage! It’s surprising to see such a “direct” way of playing. Plus, these are extra opportunities for sports bettors to stay in shape!

Right now the tournament is in its group stage. So far, Germany is doing great, winning 2 out of 2. They’re in the same group with France, Canada and Nigeria and it’s arguably the most worth-watching group of them all. France also won 2 out of 2, and they’ll meet Germany on July 5th! That’s Tuesday! It will be an exciting match, with the hosts trying to get the lead in the group to please their home fans.


In the second group there are Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and England. I’ve only watched 2 out of the 4 matches in this group, and it has it all: lots of goals and very different gamestyles! Japan is having a blast in this group, having beaten New Zealand 2 to 1, and Mexico 4 to 0! On July 5th, they’re facing England, who incredibly came back in their game against New Zealand from 1:1 at break time to 2:1 towards the end. England only managed a draw with Mexico though, so they’ll be looking for some more points in this last game round of the group stage.

Group C challenges USA, Colombia, North Korea and Sweden to get in the top 2 places and go further. This group, just like the first one, is already set for: USA and Sweden go ahead into the next round after each won twice. USA gave a great display of teamwork and football spirit after winning 2-0 against North Korea and 3-0 against Colombia. The Americans can happily celebrate Independence Day without worrying about their qualifying chances. Sweden on the other hand impressed not by the amount of goals they scored (1-0, 1-0), but by the way they celebrated them: singing and dancing, girl-style! It’s going to be enjoying to see USA and Sweden heads up on July 6th!

Finally, group D is composed of Brazil, Australia, Equatorial Guinea and Norway. Here Marta is the star of the group, scoring twice against Norway (so far, since this game is happening now as I write this!). So far this group is pretty tight, with only Brazil being almost sure they’ll go ahead to the next round.

THe FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 is a very exciting football tournament that is happening this very moment! As any world cup, it has the cheering, dancing, singing and supporting that any other world cup championship has! Don’t miss on this different way of watching football! It’s totally worth it!

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