Atletico Madrid made one step further into their La Liga title campaign after winning against Getafe which puts them three points ahead of Real Madrid and us a tad richer as we won the bet placed on them to win both halves with Titan Bet.


Even though they have to worry about La Liga, Atletico is already dreaming about their semi-final against Chelsea London, and had quite the scare when Diego Costa got a nasty injury after colliding with Getafe’s left post. The score was opened on the 40th minute when Godin found himself inside the Getafe box with the ability to send the ball past the goalie who didn’t even try to reach it.

Courtois was the reason Atletico Madrid kept their advantage, especially in the 54th minute when Rodriguez sent a powerful header, but the Atletico goalkeeper blocked it in time. Diego Costa could have scored in the 65th minute when the referee awarded Atletico a penalty, but he sent the ball right into Codina’s hands. He then made up in front of the supporters after scoring an 85th minute goal that doubled Atletico’s advantage. That happened mere minutes before the striker picked up the aforementioned injury that prompted the medical team to take him to the hospital to assess the damage.

It was later stated in the media the injury was nothing to worry about and that the player would be fit to play even during Atletico’s weekend match before hosting Chelsea at home.

Result: +9,20 units, bet won

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