Greuther Fürth vs. FC Augsburg

Saturday, December 15th 2012, 6:30 CET

The match between Greuther Fürth and Augsburg from Bundesliga ended in a 1-1 draw. Even if Greuther Fürth were the favorites of this match, it seems that I’ve lost the bet I made on their victory.

While the first goal of the match was scored within just 10 minutes after the beginning of the match by S. Mölders from Augsburg, the second one came in the 69th minute, and its author was L. Sobiech from Greuther Fürth.

Augsburg received four yellow cards in the 23rd minute due to T. Werner, in the 44th minute because of K. Vogt, in the 74th minute, when the author was K. Musona and in the 91st minute, due to M. Ostrzolek. On the other hand, Greuther Fürth had only 2 yellow cards: one in the 19thminute, and the second one in the 76th minute, both because of the football player M. Mavaraj. The only red card of the match was received by G. Sio from Augsburg, in the 85th minute of the game.

All in all, it proved to be an interesting match, and even if Greuther Fürth was expected to be more determined, the chances proved to be equal for both teams.

Result:-10 units, bet lost

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