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Thursday, August 28th 2012, 16.00 CET

Tomorrow at the US Open there is going to be a match between the Croatioan Ivo Karlović, rnaked 75 in the ATP, and Jimmy Wang from China, number 182 in the ATP ranking.

At first sight, judging by the position of each player in the ATP rankigs, the result of the match seems pretty predictable. Ivo Karlović is the favorite at winning the match and qualifying for the second round at the US Open. Karlović is 6 years older than his competitor, which might be either good or bad for him. On one hand, it is good because he is much more experienced than the younger Jimmy Wang. On the other, a tennis player at 33 years is considered to be at the end of his career, so his physical strength and stamina might not be as good as his opponent’s. Moreover, there have been many times in tennis when an unknown player managed to defeat his much better ranked opponent and made a tournament’s surprise. However, I don’t think that this is going to be the case. Jimmy Wang’s performances have not been as bright as a professional tennis player as they used to be when he was a junior. His best results until now have been two Grand Slams finals, one at Australian Open with Janko Tipsarević and the other at US Open when he faced Gilles Müller, and one semifinal at Wimbledon with Roman Valent. That would sound really impressive if I wasn’t talking about a junior career. After that, his performance as a professional was flat and tasteless, and I don’t think that at 27 he is still able to make a surprise…but one never knows.

Both players are right-handed, and they both started playing tennis relatively late, Jimmy Wang at the age of seven and Ivo Karlović at the age of six. Even if Karlović’s results have also been declining due to the passing of years, he has always been much better ranked than his opponent. For example, while the highest position reached by Jimmy Wang in the ATP rankings was 85 in 2006, Ivo Karlović was even number 14 in 2008. In their only head to-head confrontation up to date, Karlović won.

Another difference that will undoubtedly matter will be the player’s physical condition, because Ivo Karlović is really huge (208 cm) in comparison with Jimmy Wang, who measures only 178 cm in height. Therefore, Karlović is definitely holding the advantage of the service.

In conclusion, I am going to place a bet on Karlović’s victory, and I am going to bet 5 units at 1.73. The odds I used are from William Hill.

 Ivo Karlović to win for 5 units

6 comments on “Ivo Karlović vs. Jimmy Wang (prediction)

  1. Good job, guys! US Open started today and you have already posted a prediction. :)…I placed a parlay bet using odds from William Hill, and I also included this match. Obviously, the result I expect is the same you predicted.Still,, I think this is going to be a disputed match, and I also expect at least one tie-break.

  2. Yeyyy…the final Grand Slam of the year has started…good chance to place some bets. Your predictions really come in handy…but what about making predictions for WTA, too?

  3. alfaBETAa is right…though, betting on women, especially when we are talking about tennis, might be a bit booooring :))) A women tennis match is far less spectacular…in fact they become spectacular just from the semifinals, when there are good tennis players who fight for victory.

  4. Not at all, alfaBETa! It’s the sheer truth. You simply cannot compare a men’s tennis match with a women’s one. Men’s tennis matches, especially at Grand Slams are very spectacular and disputed from the very start. And even if results are very predictable in the first rounds, in ATP you’ll see tie-breaks from the first rounds, spectacular changes and tight scores (7-6; 7-5; 6-7 etc.) At women, what do you see in the first rounds? (6-0; 6-1) :))))))) Of course, it is much easier to place bets on them…but I repeat…not the same SPECTACULAR! Thanks!


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