DS-Juventus Juventus Torino vs. AS Roma DS-Roma

Sunday, January 5th 2014, 20:45 CET

A match that was over way before it started brought the sportsblogtipster team a winning prediction. We anticipated over 2.5 goals per match, and since it ended up 3-0 for Juventus last night, our winning bet with odds from bet365 had some real value in it.

We mentioned the match being over before it started because Juventus took a different approach for this derby match, and it ended up being a winning combo. They gave up the ball possession rate to Roma and spent the majority of the match in their own half, thus daring Roma to come forward and get to Buffon’s goal. Roma never had a clear shot, and Juventus turned out to be deadly on the counter attack with Vidal opening the scoring table in the 17th minute.

Andrea Pirlo was the mastermind behind the second goal in the 48th minute, where Bonucci netted the goal that seemed to clear any doubts about the winner and extend Juventus’ unbeaten run to 9 matches. If one does not take into account the embarrassing elimination from Champions League, Juve is looking quite fit to do well in Europa League and maybe win it.


The three goals do not reflect in any form the quality of both teams which are closer in manner of play than one might think, the only difference at the moment being that Juve took all the chances they got, while Roma didn’t. And speaking of Roma, having two of their players red carded with just a few minutes difference, didn’t help matters or their mood at all; it only silenced a team that was the only one dared to challenge Juve’s spot on the table.

Now, the fight for the title is practically over, and the gap between Bianconeri and the rest of Serie A is known to anyone, seeing as they managed to defeat the one team that never lost in this edition of Serie A and managed to have an average of two goals per match. And as a statistics curiosity, Juventus has now 48% of winning rate in all matches against Roma, which managed to win only 39 times from all 166 league matches.

Result: bet won

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