Liverpool Liverpool FC 3 – 1 Manchester United Manchester United

Sunday, March 6th 2011, 14.30 CET

WHAT A GAME THIS WAS! It definitely met (and exceeded) my expectations, both in terms of football beauty and in terms of sportsbetting πŸ™‚ I had 2 bets on this one and won both: I expected Liverpool to win, and both teams to score. In total, that brings me 11.1 units! Certainly better than yesterday, when I had a loss of 0.95 units. But let’s see what happened:

Liverpool well deserves this win, a fantastic performance by the Reds under Kenny Dalglish, their interim coach! Kuyt was exceptional, scoring all 3 goals of his team. Statistics-wise, this hasn’t happened in a duel between the two teams since Peter Beardsley in 199o. Although he wasn’t on the scoreboard, Suarez was key in Liverpool’s success this evening: Kuyt’s first goal was Suarez’s brillian creation, and he also had his say in the Dutchman’s second goal too. Manchester United had the first big opportunity to score though, through Berbatov‘s shot hitting Reina’s right post. Let’s focus on the goals:

  • 1st goal: Suarez tested van der Sar but the shot was defected. He picked the ball on the left but lots of Man Utd players stood between him and van der Sar. In a brilliant display of footwork, the ex-Ajax Amsterdam striker gets past Rafael, then Carrick and then Wes Brown! And if that weren’t enough, he tricked van der Sar too, with a pass between his legs which reached Kuyt and then the back of the goal in the 34th minute. Liverpool 1 – 0 Manchester United.
  • 2nd goal: Kuyt scored again after just 5 minutes, this time helped by Manchester United’s Nani’s mistake in the defense. At a high cross from Suarez, the Portuguese headed the ball further closer to the goal instead of kicking it forward (strange). The ball reached Kuyt in a very good position, and the Dutchman had no problem in scoring in the 39th minute. Liverpool 2 – 0 Manchester United.
  • 3rd goal: The third goal came in the second half in the 65th minute from the same Dirk Kuyt. After 20 minutes of dominance from Manchester United, Kuyt was the right man at the right time for Suarez’ free kick shot and knocked it in. Liverpool 3 – 0 Manchester United.
  • 4th goal: The consolation goal for Manchester United came in the added time from Manchester’s Javier Hernandez. He was nicely served by Giggs’ cross and scored Manchester’s consolation goal in this terrible defeat. The goal didn’t seem to cheer the Red Devils’ fans up though.

Overall, a great game and a very financially rewarding one too πŸ˜€

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