We did a change of bet several hours before the match because it just looked like there was going to be hell to pay during this match, or how the majority of the press stated “Arsenal’s dreams for the title met the Reds”. The initial bet was for the second half to be the one with most goals, yet we changed it to over 2.5 goals with odds from William Hill and we won. Guessing the hunch paid off, right?

arsenal players crushed after defeat

Four of the six goals the match had, were scored in the first 20 minutes, a surprisingly good side of Liverpool stunned Arsenal who weren’t able to fight back in the remaining 70 minutes of play. Per Mertesacker took a tactical foul on Luis Suarez, and Steven Gerrard did not hesitate to curl almost a perfect ball for Skrtel, who made it 1-0 for the hosts after barely 45 minutes from the start of the match.

Arteta and Wilshere were unable to stop any of Liverpool’s attacks, and Skrtel was able to net a second goal from a header on the 10th minute. Just barely 2 minutes later Daniel Sturridge could have made it 3-0, but missed. Then Suarez barely missed a goal from 35 meters, and even Toure made up for the mistakes against West Bromwich.

The third, well deserved goal came on the 17th minute, when Sterling finished off a chance created from Ozil’s inability to clear the ball. To his credit, Szczesny managed to block Flanagan, and some way Arsenal managed to take back some of the control of the match, but it did them little to no good. Sterling made it 5-0 in the second half, and Arsenal scored the goal of honour after a penalty given away by Steven’s Gerrard foul. It was Liverpool’s day after all, as they continue their quest towards Champions League, and we continue winning with odds from William Hill.

Result: +7,35 units, bet won

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