The bet we placed on Liverpool to win didn’t pay off, though Betfair gave generous odds of 2.06 for that to happen. We were right on one thing though, both team scored, but the match from Saturday, January 18th ended in a draw. And who would be better suited to save Liverpool from a defeat than the captain? Steven Gerrard scored from the white spot on the 53 minute to level up the scoring table.

As a whole this match was rather odd from the very beginning, be it only because Aston Villa was more dynamic in their actions, and pushed Liverpool to lose some points, knowing they couldn’t afford that. It was 2-0 for the visitors half way through the first half, thanks to Andreas Weimann and Christian Benteke, and Liverpool cut the distance after Daniel Sturridge scored during the last seconds before the end of the first half.

Liverpool’s defense was bordering on being really bad, but thankfully their midfield and forwards were in far better shape. They kept pushing Aston Villa to come forward and make mistakes, which they kind of did, considering Guzan may have…or not pushed Suarez to fall inside the box, and a penalty was given to Liverpool.

Aston Villa disputed the decision, many agreed with them, but whether the penalty for that Suarez action was right does not change what happened. After Steven Gerrard scored, Liverpool looked even more confident in the midfield and had their fair chances to score, but neither did. Towards the end of injury time both Suarez and Henderson had their shots saved by Bradley Guzan.

A draw might not have been among the popular betting markets with Betfair, but even Brendan Rodgers admitted that it was a good won point, because his team wasn’t good at all.

Result: bet lost with odds from Betfair

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