Going back to La Liga Santander, today Málaga will host a Real Madrid that comes after defeating Juventus in Champions League, but in a game that was full of controversies and where they were not completely focused. In today match, there are many reasons to believe that there will be many goal opportunities. And despite their performance in the Champions last game, the “merengues” are still favourite. In games like this one where the outcome is almost predictable, odds are always down, so the best way for not to lose money is to see see odds side by side so we can choose better.

Let’s see now the form of these two:

The local team here is Málaga, they are the last team at standings, which means that they are in the relegation zone. They will fight hard for getting 3 points or at least 2 in order to pass Las Palmas which is 1 point above in the table. They have got terrible results in the last 5 matches at home: 4 losses and only 1 victory.

Now, the Real Madrid is in the 4th position, they are not risking anything here, but they will try to be in the top 3 in the classification table. In the last 5 matches as an away team, their performance has been positive 4 victories and only 1 defeat.

Basically or this event, we give Real Madrid as a winner. The reasons: they are in a better position, they are not afrad of playing out of home, while Málaga has shown really bad results as a local team. You can find the best odds in VIP-IBC.

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