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Thursday, December 26th 2013, 18:30 CET

Liverpool should write a book on how to go to sleep as a Premier League leader and wake up on the 4th place. This is the exact scenario that happened last night during and after the visit to Manchester City, where Liverpool lost with 2-1 after scoring the first goal.

Where the match was lost was the left side of Liverpool’s midfield where Aly Cissokho looked as unconvincing as predicted. And Man United weren’t a team to just sit and wait, they sent out warnings of what was to come, but the Reds didn’t pay attention.

Joe Hart also repaid the confidence put in him by the coach with the big save in the 40th minute. Coutinho couldn’t put one past Hart and it ended up being the turning point for Liverpool, seeing as Mignolet couldn’t stop either Kompany or Alvaro Negredo’s goals.

Yaya Toure marked Suarez for the majority of the regular time, and after the lead they took, City defended themselves pretty well in the second half, a thing also confirmed by statistics. What Man City taught the rest of Premier League clubs is that it can defend pretty well, and Liverpool showed that not taking part in any European competitions is incentive enough to be able to measure forces with the biggest teams.


Arsenal is back on the top spot, with Manchester City on the second, but that doesn’t take anything from Liverpool’s percentage of clear shots in the second half on Etihad Stadium, which gives big hope for the next match against Chelsea London.

Result: bet lost

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