Rafael_Nadal Rafael Nadal vs. NOVAK DJOKOVIC Novak_Djokovic

Sunday, July 3rd 2011, 15.00 CET

Novak Djokovic won the Wimbledon final for his first time! And I won my bet, so I get 3.45 units extra! It was a very exciting game, ending at 6-4 6-1 1-6 6-3, with the victor hugging the grass pitch just after winning the match point. More than that actually: after shaking hands with Nadal at the net (whom he beat the 5th time in a Masters final this year!), Djokovic went to his bench, grabbed a blade of grass out of the loan and tried to eat it! And before lifting the trophy, his excitement was so great that 3 of his rackets reached the gone-crazy crowds in London.

This victory makes Djokovic’s performance this year reach 48 wins and 1 loss. He also just won his first grass-court trophy in his career! He was watched, among others, by Boris Tadic, the Serbian president who came to London to see his co-national beat the best tennis player in the world and in the process, becoming himself the best. Even Nadal acknowledged that Djokovic was better, with Djokovic affirming that this is the best day of his life. He certainly made that clear with his happiness after the game!

What brought victory to Djokovic was his positioning across the field and his precise shots which made him win the first two sets (the second one at 6-1!). Great movement by Djokovic, which totally threw Nadal off. The Spaniard went back in the game in the third set, winning it 1-6, but it was too much of Nadal to keep the same game quality in the fourth set which he lost 6-3 against an increasingly-excited and determined Djokovic.

Overall it was a great game, and a good bet as well! Sad to see Wimbledon is already over, but I’m looking forward for the next matches of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011! Stay tuned for more!

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