Napoli vs. Juventus

Friday, March 1st 2013, 9:00 CET

The Italian teams Juventus and Napoli ended their confrontation from the 1st of March in a 1-1 draw. This means I have lost the bet I’ve placed on the victory of Juventus.

Until now, Juventus managed to control their opponents formidably, and this made be believe they were going to do the same with Napoli. However, Napoli seemed much more motivated and willing to win this match than their opponents. After the first ten minutes, when Giorgio Chiellini scored the first goal for Juventus, the players of Antonio Conte seemed to be on their way to retaining their title. Though, their hopes didn’t last for too long, because only 2 minutes before the break Gökhan Inler from Napoli re-established the balance on the scoring table.

On the other hand, even if Juventus don’t seem to be the kind of team that gets intimidated easily, the atmosphere generated by the fans of Napoli might have counted a bit. This article offers a more detailed image of how the atmosphere at the Sao Paolo stadium looked like and how might the result of this match affect Juventus’s evolution:

All in all, I think Juventus could have done much more, but we shouldn’t neglect Napoli’s determination either.

Result:-5 units, bet lost

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