We placed a bet with William Hill on which half would be the highest scoring one for Juventus in the match against Napoli, only that it backfired as Juve wasn’t able to score at all in what ended up to be their second defeat in this season of Serie A.


Napoli didn’t have any reserves about playing the Serie A leaders, and they looked the more threatening team, and they should have scored way earlier than the 37th minute when Callejon was assisted by Insigne for the first goal of a thriller match in which Juve almost didn’t count on the field. The score ended up only with 2-0 because Napoli isn’t as strong at finishing the scoring opportunities they create.

Juventus as usual was complaining that first goal came as a result of an offside, but what would they say about the second goal, which came after a combination of passes between Pandev and Mertens who sealed the deal for a rather valiant Napoli side. In the end the three points mean little for either side as Juventus sits at a comfortable distance on the top of Serie A, while Napoli’s plans of chasing behind AS Roma look without any real chance of being successful.

Napoli’s victory only served a great deal for a boost of confidence, while at the same time pointing out to Juventus that being arrogant and complacent towards their opponent will only end up backfiring.

Result: -7 units, bet lost

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