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Wow, I haven’t posted here for a while unfortunately. It’s been busy, sure, but no excuse there. Truth is I haven’t bet so often lately. I did place a bet on Nadal to win both Roland Garros matches last weekend, and he did! But other than that, not much. And it’s so sad that all the major leagues are over now. Looking forward to a few international friendlies this summer, and well, tennis! There’s always tennis available!

Over the last couple of days I have been busy building my blogroll, and on the right side you see the result of that. Lots of great bloggers/sports bettors who I follow from time to time. And since I haven’t posted on my blog for such a long time, here are some interesting topics on other partner blogs:

Premier League News writes that Paul Scholes retired from Man Utd after their Champions League final. I remember hearing something about that but I didn’t realize the impact. I’m not much of a Red Devils fan myself, but Scholes is a legend there, dedicating his entire career to the Old Trafford team. Sad to see him go indeed!

Football Streaker reports that since Ancelotti has been sacked from Chelsea, Abramovic may be setting his eyes on Guus Hiddink. Nice arguments there, with a well-explained situation that Chelsea faces, but personally I am not sure Hiddink is the man for the job. A good read though!

target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”StockLemon suggests we invest in Microsoft (MSFT) stock, and not because of the price certainty or foreseeable price increases, but because of dividends, which reach 3% per year. Now that’s smart long-run investment! Combine MSFT with some other dividend-paying stocks in your portfolio and you can relax and not worry about stock prices at all! Great post StockLemon!

Albion Road recently released another great “State of the States” post, which you can read here. Really great stuff for us Europeans to get updated with what’s happening in the US, soccer-wise. Plus, lots of reasons there to look forward to an exciting summer!

Of course, if you have any suggestions of great posts, or if you want to become partners, “hit me up”!

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