FreiburgSC Freiburg vs. SV Werder Bremen Werder Bremen

Saturday, March 6th 2011, 15.30 CET


Turning to the last game of the weekend for me, we’re back to Bundesliga, where I lost 4 units yesterday. I’m already at loss, and I can’t rely on Liverpool vs. Man Utd game to get me out of it. I am betting small on a Werder Bremen win. But first I’ll analyse the teams a bit:


FrieburgSC Freiburg is currently placed 7th in Bundesliga, and they’re facing Werder Bremen, a team only on the 15h place in the German championship. But if we look at the statistics between the two teams, according to, SC Freiburg picked just one point from the previous 8 encounters with SV Werder Bremen from a 1-1 draw in April 2004.

According to the same website, SC Freiburg conceded more goals from SV Werder Bremen (59, to be exact) than from any other team in Bundesliga. And add this to the fact that SC Freiburg come from an away defeat against 1.FC Koln and you’ll get not such a good morale in Robin Dutt’s squad.


Werder BremenSV Werder Bremen haven’t had a good season so far, maybe because they let go some very important players (Mesut Ozil being one of them). They come from a good 2-2 draw against Bayer 04 Leverkusen, but the haven’t had a win in their last 7 matches, so they must really want to shine tonight. They were ranked Bundesliga’s best away team last season, so there’s hope that they can pull it off today.


In this game I’m only counting on statistics: although according to the league table it would be more reasonable to assume a SC Freiburg victory, considering the teams’ past encounters SV Werder Bremen is clearly advantaged. I’m going to bet small on this one, 2 units on SV Werder Bremen to win at 2.75 odds on Betfred.

Fingers crossed!!


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