Sevilla Sevilla FC 1 – 1 FC Barcelona Barcelona

Sunday, March 13th 2011, 21.00 CET

Real Madrid must be really happy with this score now. I’m not, my football tip in this post predicted an over 3.5 goals. It was a tough call, and I wouldn’t have gone for either team. But I did expect them to score more. In fact, the game started promising, with plenty of opportunities, mostly those of Barcelona. As we’ve been used to from other soccer predictions, Barcelona held the ball the most. Statistics show a 74% posssession for Guardiola’s men. Sevilla vs BarcelonaWith such a control of the game, it came as no surprise that Barcelona opened the score. They did so through Bojan, Pedro’s replacement in the early stages of the game. The 20-year old got a great pass from Alves, and managed to score in the 30th minute.

At this point my soccer prediction and the football tips I shared in this post seemed promissing. But as with any tips for soccer, in the end the dynamics of the game are never constant. Things seemed to have picked up really well for Sevilla, who showed more determination and started attacking Barcelona’s post more aggressively. But it turned out that by the end of the first half, Villa and Messi were the players to keep an eye on. A crossbar hit by the Argentinian enforced Barca’s confidence in the locker rooms.

With the second half already started, Barcelona were caught by surprise by an early goal from Jesus Navas in the 49th minute. Negredo could have taken the lead for Sevilla, picking up from a bad play by Adriano, but he missed the target. I was furious then, because I knew that Barcelona wouldn’t have given up that easily if they were lead. It would have greatly improved my soccer prediction. But oh well, I went on hoping.

Sevilla had suddenly become more lively, and held the ball much longer than before. But shortly afterwards Barcelona regained their strength and seemed the better side. They really fought for a win towards the end, with Messi coming very close to beating the Sevilla keeper, and Iniesta hitting the crossbar in the 85th minute.

All in all, it was an exciting game, but not for my football tips I wrote about here and the bet I made. I lost 3 units on this game. It was the last one of yesterday, so better luck next time!

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