Southampton vs. Liverpool

Friday, March 16th 2013, 12:45 CET

Southampton managed to crush Liverpool, both literally as well as figuratively, as the chances of the Reds securing a Champions League spot for next season are practically nonexistent. A team struggling for performance was blown away by a team struggling for survival.

Liverpool was dominated from the start; with early goals from Morgan Schneiderlin and Rickie Lambert the score could have been bigger, considering Liverpool’s defense was all over the place, but not in the field. With Pepe Reina still recovering, Brad Jones did what he could, which is not much, because neither of his teammates were there to support him.

The most Liverpool managed was an amazing 35-yeard shot from Sturridge, right before Southampton extended their lead in the 30th minute. By the time Philippe Coutinho gave Liverpool a breath of air, after an amazing play between Stevcen Gerrard and Luis Suarez, it was already too little too late, as the Reds were clearly set up for fail. The middle was invisible, as one cannot rely solely on Gerrard to keep an entire team together, even if he’s the captain; Brad Jones aside, the defense was laughable, and Luis Suarez often found himself with no back up while attempting to go anywhere near Southampton’s side of the field.

Jay Rodriguez put an end to Liverpool’s misery with his impressive goal in the 79th minute, and he later admitted that he was really glad to make up for a missed opportunity in the first half of the game: “I got a bit of luck, but was really chuffed to score. The one I’m disappointed with is the one in the first half (a volley over the bar) I’m gutted I missed it and can’t believe that I did, but I was delighted to end up scoring.” The Saints will have time to catch their breath before they face Chelsea, and if this match was anything to go by, it will a very interesting game on both sides.

Brendan Rogers said at the press conference that “The players can’t be brilliant every time they play. There are eight games left and we just have to concentrate on ourselves.” It seems Rogers is the only one believing that, as fans and sports people fear that if the Reds keep it up like this they will lose even their Europe League place.
With this loss the Reds can only hope they have enough time to pull themselves together and finish the League with honors, while the Saints look like a lock in avoiding relegation.

Result:-6 units, bet lost

One comment on “Southampton vs. Liverpool (Recap)

  1. Brendan Rogers claims that Liverpool’s bad start was the reason of the disaster that followed: I honestly think that Liverpool weren’t too devoted to this match, because a bad start shouldn’t always lead to a bad finish, especially in the case of a team like Liverpool..


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