Napoli SSC Napoli 1 – 1 Inter Milan Inter_Milan

Saturday, May 14th 2011, 15.30 CET

I didn’t see this game at all, so I can’t say very much about it. From what I am reading in the news, it seemed as though both teams wanted the draw. In fact, towards the end of the game, the teams just passed the ball around, with no intention of attacking. All the “juicy” parts were consumed in the first half.


Eto’o scored for Inter 15 minutes after the game started, while Juan Camilo Zúñiga equalized for Napoli in the added time of the first half. There have been a couple more opportunities for Inter, starting with an action from Eto’o prior to the goal, similar to that from which he scored, but he shot it wide. The second time he made no mistake though. Napoli went on the attack after the goal, but they couldn’t do much. Apparently Cavani’s absence was obvious, as Napoli’s attack lacked coordination. So much so that minutes before the game ended, Eto’o had another opportunity to score for Inter, but his shot was deflected. Then came Napoli’s goal. Here you can see it:



The second half was eventless, as I’m finding out from the news. But no matter, I did bet on a draw. Unfortunately, I also bet on a Napoli win. At 3.5 odds, it was too good to resist (sure,the same odds were given for Inter). So I lost two units and gained 0.95. That’s about a unit loss. Should’ve bet more on the draw. Oh well, Ajax’s game brought me everything I needed this weekend, so I don’t really care about this draw 😀

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