Switzerland vs. Cyprus

Saturday, March 23nd 2013, 19:45 CET

All the biggest bookmakers are relying on the immense chance of the national team of Switzerland to defeat Cyprus in the World Cup Qualifier match that is taking place this Saturday.

Switzerland will start this match after 3 motivating victories achieved over Tunisia (1-2), Iceland (0-2) and Albania (2-0); 2 draws from the matches with Greece (0-0) and Norway (1-1), and not even one defeat. On the other hand, Cyprus are trying hard to achieve at least one victory, after a series of 4 consecutive losses suffered in the matches with Serbia (1-3), Finland (0-3), Norway (1-3) and Slovenia (2-1). So there is an obvious, undeniable difference between the levels of performance of these two Group E teams.

For this match, Switzerland and Cyprus had to switch the order of their 2014 World Cup qualifying games, due to the difficulties encountered by Cyprus in the process of preparing a good playing surface. egarding this problem, the members of the football association from Switzerland were nice enough to accept the Cypriot request to reverse the dates of the matches. Therefore, Cyprus’s home match will take place on the 23rd of March, and Switzerland will host Cyprus on the 8th of June.

Until then, I am going to place a bet on the victory of Switzerland with odds from William Hill. I bet 10 units at 1.57.

Switzerland to win at 1.57.

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