Tommy Robredo Tommy Robredo vs. Mischa Zverev Mischa Zverev

Man hon have I underestimated Zverev in this post! The game was really tight, with Robredo winning in the last set. The score was 63 36 75 and the battle was intense! In the end, I have to admit, Robredo was the better player. He had 4 aces in the first set, but also 3 double faults. He still won the first set easily though.

The second set was Zverev’s, and this is how I won my bet! It had the same score, 6-3, but this time for Zverev. Robredo still made 3 double fouls in this one, while Zverev only one. And if Robredo dominated the first serve wins in the first set, Zverev clearly dominated the second one. Robredo won just one break point out of 6 in this set, which is surprising to be honest. Zverev lost just 2 out of 4 break points and this largely contributed to him winning the set.

The last set was definitely the most intense. It ended at 7-5 for Robredo, bringing him the victory. In this set I tend to think Zverev was the better player, with 3 aces, more first serves than his opponent and 8/10 break points saved! This means Robredo won just 2 break points out of 10! That really added tension to this set! In the end though, Robredo didn’t let Zverev get past 5 games and beat him at 7-5. Enjoyable game, I must say! And I won 2.82 units here. Thanks Zverev!

Jarkkp Nieminen Jarkko Nieminen vs. Albert Montanes Albert Montanes

This game, like the previous one, was also decided in the last set. The final score was 76 26 76. Albert Montanes made a lot of “forbiden” mistakes, like his 8 double faults! Statistically, I’d say the Finnish looks better (in all sets he won 6 games!), but this is not what matters: Montanes sneaked the victory in the last set and goes through in the tournament.

The first set, won by Montanes, was rather balanced. Montanes had 3 double faults and missed a break point. The second set saw Nieminen in a clearly better form: 3 aces and 4 break points saved out of four! He won by a large difference at 6-2. In the last set too, I think Nieminen was better. Montanes made 4 double faults here, but he did save 3 break points out of 4. Good game from both players, and financially it went well too: I anticipated Montanes to win and thus got 1.23 units back from Bwin!

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