Ryan Sweeting Ryan Sweeting vs. Juan Monaco Juan Monaco

This is the first tennis match that I record on this blog in which I lose my bet πŸ™ I really underestimated Sweeting in this post. I ignored too much the fact that the american was playing on home soil (the crowds loved him, I’ve heard). I watched a short analysis on the news this morning, since I didn’t watch the game (it was at 1.30AM here in Holland).

Statistics-wise, the game is surprisingly balanced, although this is not reflected in the score: 61 06 61. By the way, if you want a site with really good statistics and live tickers, click here. The score reflects really strange performances from both players: After losing 6 to 1 in the first set, Monaco comes back into the game and wins 6 to 0 the second one, only to lose 6 to 1 the last and decisive set! I really wished I watched this because I don’t understand what happened.

I suppose it mostly had to do with the fact that Monaco missed 8 out of 11 break points, while Sweeting missed only 4 out of 9. But overall, very few aces (2 for each player), just one double foul (unlike the Nieminen – Montanes game) and very balanced statistics. I don’t know, I’ll just wait for a more detailed report to appear on the web. Yesterday there was no sign of anything, all I found were statistics and a quick discussion on Oh, and I lost my bet here: I had bet 2 units on a win by Monaco.

Bellucci/Harrison vs. Cilic/Karlovic

This game was broadcasted at the same time (1.30AM), so I didn’t see it live, I watched a replay this morning. I did anticipate it right though, and Bwin gave me 1.8 units for my prediction πŸ˜€ The game had a score of 64 36 810, so you could say it was rather intense. As I anticipated in this post, the Croatians worked better together and bravely faced the tension towards the end of the game.

The first set started with the croatians taking advantage at 3-1, but the pair Thomasz Bellucci / Ryan Harrison came back into the game and brought the score at 4-4. However, Cilic and Karlovic won the following two games and won the set. There were a lot of aces in this set: 2 for Cilic/Karlovic and 3 for Bellucci/Harrison.

The second set had as many aces as the first one, with the same proportion. Here, however, Bellucci and Harrison started to take advantage after the game equitably got to 3-3. And this despite the fact that the winning pair lost 2 break points.

The last set was undoubtedly the most intense, ending at 8-10. Here, handling the pressure was the decisive factor. No ace, no double faults, no break points and nerves extended to the max! Bellucci and Harrison just lost it towards the end and the experienced Karlovic was key to the Croatians’ success. Great game overall, too bad it took so much time of my morning πŸ˜€

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