The BNP Paribas Open began on Thursday but I didn’t get to see much of it, honestly. Lots of uni assignments in the past week. However, I’m clear for the weekend and I have some bets in mind for the ATP World Tour Masters category in Indian Wells, USA ­čśÇ

The open lasts for 10 days, so that’s until the 2oth this month, hard surface, lots of top players and both single and double games. Exciting stuff for a gambler, that’s for sure. And as I’m trying to reach a balance between football and tennis bets, I’m going to bet on lots of tennis games this weekend.

A pity, though, that the two matches for today overlap with some football ones. But today tennis is king. Well, at least I’ll get to see about half of the Sevilla vs. Barcelona game (hopefully!). SO, here are my bets:

Tomy Robredo Tommy Robredo vs. Mischa Zverev Mischa Zverev

For this game, I’d suggest you check the head to head comparison here. Clearly the Spaniard’s numbers are better, he’s more experienced and he won more in his life than the Russian-born German. Robredo is number 28, while Zverev is 102. I really don’t think there are many chances for Robredo to lose this one.

However, Robredo did fall a lot in the rankings since 2009 (when he was ranked 16th), while Zverev more or less stayed constant. That’s maybe one of the most obvious traits of the German, his consistency.

The odds for a Robredo win aren’t attractive at all, only at 1.15. However, if you bet that Zverev wins at least one set, odds are 2.41 on Bwin. I’d say that’s well worth it for a player like Zverev. Hence my bet:

Zverev to win at least one set for 2 units

Jarkko Nieminen Jarkko Niemine  vs. Albert Montanes Albert Montanes

Again, if you want to check the heads up statistics, click here. The players are more or less evenly matched, with a rankings advantage for Montanes. I’ve seen him play several times last year and I wasn’t disappointed. Good serve, fast and knows where to stand in his side of the pitch.

I haven’t seen much of Jarkko Nieminen though. He’s ranked 51st, lower than Montanes’ 26, and STILL, the bookies (Bwin) give him a higher chance of winning. I’m looking on Bwin now, odds are 1.58 – 2.23. I haven’t kept a close eye on the tennis world lately, I admit, but this doesn’t seem right.

I’m going to bet small here, 1 unit on Montanes.

Montanes to win for 1 unit

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