I can almost feel the weekend coming 😀 And there are some great matches to look forward to. First of all, closer to home, Eredivisie is hosting its last round of matches. AND, like last season, Ajax and Twente compete for the first place. Again, just like last season, Ajax is just one point behind Twente. It’s going to be a very very very very important event here on Sunday. So, without further ado, here are the matches I want to bet on and make predictions for:


16.00 – Manchester City vs. Stoke (FA Cup final and the game I will be watching)

15.30 – Freiburg vs. Leverkusen (Important game in Budesliga for Leverkusen, but won’t be watching)


14.30 – AJAX AMSTERDAM VS. FC TWENTE (Huge game, WILL watch it!)

21.45 – Napoli vs. Inter Milan (I will probably watch it if I am not too drunk from the Ajax victory party 😀 )

So, lots to look forward to this weekend. Lots of soccer tips coming, football predictions, match analysis and best of all, sports betting winnings!! Stay tuned!

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