Kolo-Toure_west bromwich vs liverpool

While we were thinking that Liverpool would continue their winning strike, we were proven wrong and lost our bet with Ladbrokes placed on Sturridge to score and Liverpool to win. The player in question did score, but Liverpool could neither hold on to that score, nor take advantage of the great forward abilities they possess. Should Liverpool have won at West Bromwich, they would have had a four points advantage over Everton, and thus buy themselves some peace over potentially missing out on Champions League.

When Sturridge scored from a close range, it was actually Liverpool’s first shot on target and they capitalized on it. They shots by Coutinho, Suarez and Sterling followed, but the score remained unchanged, that is until Anichebe scored on the 67th minute. That is going to be the official version of it, because the goal was mostly due to a monumental failure from Toure. Yes, he’s young and he’s still learning, but maybe football 101 should have let him know that a defender never plays with the ball so close to his team’s goal line.

Even though West Bromwich looked like the more determined side in the second half, it was Liverpool who was pressing for more, and if goals weren’t scored was because Ben Foster has some amazing saves and reflexes. Same should be mentioned about Mignolet, who made a good save from Brunt’s free kick, so he should not be blamed for that equalizer, because Toure is not Daniel Agger yet.

Result: bet lost with odds from Ladbrokes

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