Liverpool went on to win against West Ham United to reclaim their rightfully owned first Premier League place and stay there for at least a week until the match against Manchester City rolls around. The bet we placed with Betfair for over 3.5 goals didn’t pay off as the match ended up with only three goals.


If you’ve ever seen a controversial match you must have been watching West Ham vs Liverpool. The hosts used the park the bus approach and baited Liverpool to get out and commit mistakes, but surely the Reds have seen worse approaches than that. Luiz Suarez was granted plenty of space to score in the first half, yet until he sent the ball high up in the air in the 43 minute which ended up being cleared by Tomkins with his hand, his shots didn’t end up in goals.

The referee awarded a penalty to Liverpool and it was a given it would be Steven Gerrard to convert it. Liverpool’s captain was once again at the heart of his team’s passing and the calm with which he converts penalties is something to be talked about. So when the Reds thought they were taking an advantage at half time, West Ham scored a goal as controversial as Sergio Ramos’ ball into space. Mignolet got the ball after a West Ham corner kick and Andy Carroll in a very un-fair play manner knocked it right out of his hands, but since the referee was looking at something else he missed this and the goal was accounted for.

In the second half Liverpool went on to their pressing game, and got a penalty on the 71 minute when Flanagan was fouled or not really by Adrian. Steven Gerrard completed his brace with another successful penalty and now the Reds are expecting Manchester City’s visit.

Result: -8 units, bet lost

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