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Saturday, September 22nd 2012, 16:00 CET

The match between Wigan Athletics and Fulham ended with Fulham’s victory, which also implies that I have lost the bet I made. The hero of this football match is Hugo Rodallega, who helped Fulham to defeat Wigan, his former club. In fact, Rodallega was one of the best leading goalscorers of Wigan in the Premier League.

Rodallega scored in the 31st minute of the match and in the 68th minute Damien Duff added the second goal. Hugo Rodallega’s behaviour was commented by his manager, Jol, who admired him for the respect he showed to the people, when he chose not to celebrate the bullet header which put Fulham ahead.

 Wigan’s manager, Roberto Martinez also addressed some words to his former player, saying that „Hugo showed real respect to the fans” and that „it could have been so easy for him to celebrate his goal”.

But the match was not just about Hugo Rodallega, even if it was him who provided the most spectacular and exciting moments. The performance of the former Manchester United striker at the Premier League was also outstanding. Last weekend, he added two goals against West Bromwich.

Undoubtedly, Fulham deserved their victory, but Wigan are not to be blamed either, and the only thing I can reproach them is their failing to pull level. While the result of this match lifted Fulham into the top four, for Wigan this was their third defeat of the season.

 Result: -3 units, bet lost

4 comments on “Wigan Athletic vs. Fulham (recap)

  1. The transformations suffered by Fulham since 2010, when they established in the Premier League appeared to be pretty thiriving for them 😕


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