Brazil Brazil 1 – 1 / 2 – 2 / 3 – 5 USA USA

Sunday, July 10th 2011, 17.30 CET

This was one of the best football matches I’ve ever seen! And I’m talking about men and women football altogether! A very good display of tactics, strength and perseverance from both teams.

The first goal came for the USA in the 2nd minute of play from a Brazilian player, Daiane.  The first half was a battle for possession with Brazil attacking and USA defending, after the goal. With the second half well under way, the Brazilians managed to use that momentum from the first half, and Marta scored in the 68th minute, after she was fouled in the American penalty area. Rachel Buehler was sent off and Marta was to take the penalty. There was a bit of confusion there, because the first time she took the penalty, Solo saved, but the referee had her retake it due to an US defender stepping into the penalty area. The second time Marta shot in the same place, and scored. Afterwards, although both teams pressed and delivered shots, there was no goal until the end of the regular time.

 Added time started in the worst possible way for the US, just like regular time started for Brazil. In the 92nd minute of play, Marta scored again after a seemingly offside position. That gave the US girls almost 30 minutes of intense stress and struggle to get back in  the game. They eventually managed to achieve that in the last minute of extra time through a header coming from Wambach.

 The game was taken to penalty shootouts, which the US won after a save of Solo following the shot of Daiane. Sports betting wise, I lost half a unit here. I got my first bet wrong, that the game would go over 2.5 goals. It did, but not in regular time. I lost 2 units there. But both teams did score, and made me win 1.5 units. Overall, -0.5 units. Not too bad, given how exciting the match was.

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